Saturday, February 11, 2012

{Technology} Integration

Computer, iPads, SmartBoards....these are just a few of the technologies that are being integrated into our classrooms (if we are lucky). It is such a blessing (and maybe a curse?) to have the opportunity to give children the opportunities to learn with these things! Making sure that we are using these technologies in effective manners is crucial! 
I have found so many great resources, and I felt like sharing! There are some that are only for SmartBoards, while others are printouts or online games! 

Happy Surfing!
{Ms. S} 

Funschool is a great online website that has games, printables, and interactive activities! They have every age and subject you would need! I definitely recommend checking it out!
I have used this game, cliffhanger, with my 4th grade reading buddy. She LOVED it (which seems like an understatement). It is like hangman, but the 21st century version!  Even the site looks fun, doesn't it!?

Super Teacher Worksheets is exactly what it says...a website full of great printable worksheets! From math worksheets to mini-books. It is a great resource to remember when you are stuck in a rut for, "what can I do for ______." They even have brainteasers, which would be great for small groups or learning centers! 

Another great website for online games and printables is ABCya! I have used this, and it is super easy to use. I used the gadget "make your own word find" for my 1st grade reading buddy. It was perfect, because I used words from the book we were reading (like character names). You can even name your word find, which the kids always find exciting to see their own name! Also, alphabet bingo (SmartBoard!) is great!

Other great websites: 

This has a great interactive book called "Five Hungry Crocodiles." If you have a struggling reader, this keeps them engaged and check for comprehension! Perfect for K-2! 

SmartBoard activities galore! You can use it on your computer too! Caution, sometimes this site acts funny...which always frazzles me! :) 

Awesome website! There is a system that you can subscribe to: "Maggie Partners receive an inbox every Tuesday morning with timely and engaging  material ready to download and share with students." I can just imagine how much fun that would be during morning meeting to get the email!