Sunday, February 12, 2012

{Seating} Chart

You thought seating charts were only for weddings, right?? WRONG! All teachers experience the pain, struggle, and headache of designing the perfect seating chart. I was mortified when I was observing in a classroom and I noticed a kid in the back acting out and walking to the front of the room becuase he couldn't SEE the board! The teacher just kept yelling for him to sit down, be quiet, or be respectful...of course he was acting out, he couldn't see! Making sure you know if your students have attention problems or bad eye sight is an important aspect. No one knows your students better than you do, so make sure you are adjusting throughout the year!

We are some tips that will sure to make your task a little bit easier. {sighhh}
Happy seating!

{Ms. S}

First and foremost this website, Instant Classroom, is an a-mazing resource! Not only does it have a "random name generator" for class time, but you can create your seating chart! This means no more going through pages & pages of scrap paper to find the perfect arrangement! There is a "scramble names" button if you want it to be random, or you can move around the kids yourself! Better yet? They have a group maker! Seriously...what does this little website NOT have!? You can even use this website on your iPad.  Definitely check it out!
Here is another great website from Scholastic with different table sizes and furniture models to plan your perfect classroom! 

Another great way to do seating charts is with post-its! You can either use a piece of paper with the shapes of your desks, or a paper plate if you have tables (picture below!). I find that the "tabs" post-its are the best, because they are small and don't take up the whole page! This is a great way to move around kids and adjust throughout the process if needed! 

Lastly, there is always the wonderful, accessible software--Microsoft! It is super easy to create a classroom with the clipart and shapes tool. If you have an odd shape room, this is the perfect way to manipulate yourself, instead of a program! You can also color coordinate your tables with the program, which is always helpful for a forgetful person :) This way it is saved onto your computer, and you can change whenever need be. 

Do you have any other techniques that work!? Please Share!