Saturday, February 11, 2012

Penny {Pinching}

Feeling a little overwhelmed with everything you need to buy? I know I am! Getting a classroom ready, buying supplies for activities, and spending a little bit of moola on is always a struggle!

I have found so many great ideas for the cheap-o inside of me, I thought I would share!

Happy Saving!
{Ms. S}

"The Lemonade Stand" gave this great idea about spraying water mist to have the children quiet down...I really want to try and see if this actually works with squirmy children ;)
I got this creative idea from"Quirky Momma" . It is a simple, inexpensive math activity! (Make sure your school allows you to bring in food to the classroom...Minneapolis School District does not allow this, so maybe I will be able to use it someday!) 
Melting down broken crayons into bigger ones....genius! These are one of the things that I think to myself, "Well.. Duh! Such a great idea!" We always have "stubs" that no children want (or are able) to use... so "Infarrantly Creative" gives us the perfect step-by-step on how to create these crayons! 
GLITTER! Everyone has a love-hate relationship with this material! So beautiful, yet so messy. Well... here is a great website with homemade glitter! It is out of tin-foil, and its so easy. "Planet Pals"also has a ton of other home-made materials, it is a definite go-to website!
How many markers does your classroom go through? I remember my first student teaching placement (in a preschool), and the amount of markers we went through was incredible! So this is from "Finding my Marbles," a perfect tip to make water paint out of old markers...again SO easy and FREE! 
Want to spruce up your classroom? Create a class calendar? Well this is a perfect, cheap, and easy to make chalkboard recipe! Thanks to the "The CSI Project" I found this adorable pink chalkboard craft! Definitely making this soon! 

If you have any other ideas...please comment with your tips and go-to crafts :)