Monday, February 13, 2012

{Healthy} Lunches and Snacks

One of the hardest things for me is to eat healthy even though there are treats, candy, etc. around me. I have to repeat to myself, "Kids have a higher metabolism than you Kim, DO NOT THINK ABOUT IT!" Especially when I am busy, I seem to snack more or chose those easy to grab drive-thru foods (Can anyone say McDonald's!?)...and not to mention, I don't work out when I have a million and one things on my to-do list!

Here are some great (easy to pack) lunches and snacks!
Happy Eating!

{Ms. S}

Turkey and Green Apple Sandwich
I never really thought about doing this, but it makes so much sense! Sweet and salty all wrapped into one! Plus it is super low calorie with turkey, and no cheese. Opt for a wrap or wheat bread for an extra healthy kick. Family Circle online always has great ideas for a healthy life for you and your kids! :) 

Chicken Chili Crock Pot Sytle
This looks like such a tasty, healthy, and easy recipe you can make at night for dinner--and there will be leftovers for lunch! There are a total of 10 servings in the whole recipe--Bonus! Only 200 calories? I'm running to the grocery store for these ingredients ASAP! You can never go wrong with visiting Skinny Taste
P.s. Check out this Taco friends and I made this! To-Die-For! Tastes just like the original!

I'm a sucker for a good pasta salad. Here is an awesome recipe with black beans and barley--great amount of fiber that will kick those mid-afternoon cravings! Super fresh with the tomatoes, reminds me of a summer picnic :) There is always tasty recipes like this on

Finding out I should stay clear of gluten has been an adventure for me! I have been trying new things, and it is turning out to be very easy! One of the things that I have fallen in love with is Spaghetti Squash. It does take time to make, but the squash makes a lot and you can store it in the fridge/freezer for later lunches or dinners. You can get the squash at Target and grocery stores for around $1-2, so super cheap! All you do is microwave (or bake if you are patient) for 10 minutes, and then scrape the squash like a pumpkin--VIOLA! Spaghetti Squash! (here are the full instruction on The Quick and Dirty Dirty) I like to add some marinara squash to mine, but I have heard people using Olive Oil/Parmesan cheese or Alfredo! Test some things out, and let me know if you find a great recipe! You can just reheat for 1-2 minutes, and you have a perfect lunch! 

3:30 all of the kids are gone, you are lesson planning and you hear that....RUMBLE! You are hungry and need somethign quick to eat so you can get back to work, well here are some great options for on-the-go snacks!

These chocolate dusted almonds are decadent! They kick my hunger and chocolate cravings all at once! A 1/4 cup is around 150 calories, and it will definitely keep you satisfied! I buy a huge container of them from Sam's Club and it lasts forever! 

Being a gluten-free girl myself, I live for Larabars! They are so tasty, and you don't even realize you are eating dates! I usually only eat half of a bar for a snack, just to take the edge off. The bars run from 200-230 calories. My favorite flavors are: chocolate chip cookie dough, brownie, and peanut butter cookie! Trust me, they really do taste as good as they sound! 

Remember how I said I was a sweet-salty nut? Well here is another example! I am obsessed with Kettle Corn popcorn, especially this Jolly Time brand! It is so buttery, yet sweet. This would be a great snack if you are meeting casually with other teachers, or just taking a "personal break." 

I'll admit, when I saw these in the store I almost screamed with joy! How wonderful is this!? No having to peeling those dang pomegranates, and I don't have to use my fingers and stain EVERYTHING! These are a little expensive, but they are a great "treat" for a special day or a bonus! ;) 

Hummus and carrots are such a tasty snack that is easy and very healthy! You get all of the carrots nutrition, while still getting those health benefits of hummus (like the omega-3 fatty acids--great for your heart!). Easy to eat and enjoy...just make sure you aren't in a quiet meeting, those dang carrots are loud!