Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dressing the {part}

One of the hardest thing for my peers and I is dressing like a teacher, while still feeling hip, pretty, and comfortable. We are constantly sitting on the floor, bending over, reaching around--obviously things are bond to "fall out of place!" We have been told multiple times to "cover your chest and butt." For me, the whole "chest"  part is hard, since I heavy ;) I have realized that any shirt can be worn with a great cami! Finding one that is long enough (can be tucked in) and that can be adjusted to cover up "the goods" is very important! I found mine at Kohl's (information below), but I think finding the best one for you is the most important! Try different ones on, move around the dressing room (no matter how silly you feel!), and find the best one! Finding a cheap line is even better, because they always seem to get stained rather quickly.

I have found some great lines of great top and bottoms that are chic, beautiful and appropriate! Another difficult part are: shoes! I want shoes that are comfortable, durable, and cheap!

Here are my suggestions....Enjoy! 

One of my favorite collections is Lauren Conrad at Kohl's Department Store! Always classy and moderately priced (no one can argue with Kohl's coupons!) Here are some of my favorite things available now: 

I'm loving the sheer shoulders and sleeves! 
Who doesn't love the embellishments on this classic sweater?

Rhinestoned buttons add the perfect amount of bling!
This sweater is soft, comfy, and classic. Pair this with a great pair of boots for a chic outfit! 
Last year was the year-of-the-black-blazer...this year? Pastels and details! Pump up your ordinary jackets with this adorbs scalloped blazer! 
I'm obsessed with the color blocking and pleating! Throw on a blazer or cardigan and it's perfect for school...going out for happy hour after work? This dress is a perfect for both!
Can you say, "perfect parent-teacher conference outfit?!" So elegant and comfortable! The ruffles really add a feeling youth!

You can find all of these and MANY more here: 
If you're browsing around, also check out Jennifer Lopez and Rock&Republic's new lines! Jennifer Lopez is more chic, yet flashy  
R&R is a great collection for young "going out" clothes...and who can forget their AMAZING jeans!?
Here is my favorite cami that I mentioned earlier (yes, it is in the junior section...but I still love it): 

Here are some great shoes that are perfect for our work days! 
Piperlime is a perfect online store that offers free shipping and returns (YAY!)
Steve Madden always seems to have the best boots! They are always comfortable and durable. These are one of my favorite (I have a very similar pair!). These boots are adorable when tucked into straight legged jeans, leggings, or jeans (if your school allows that!). 
Playground duty? No Problem! These boots are SO warm! I had Sorel boots growing up, and I can honestly say I am so excited they are back in style! 
Who doesn't love comfy flats?? I know I wear them almost every day during the spring/summer months! One thing that I always look for in flat is scrunched backs (like on the shoe above...see how they kind of "fold?"). This tells me that they won't rip up the back of my ankels, and they will move with my feet fluidly! P.s. the bow? to die for! 
The sorority girl in me loves Sperry's! I can't help but love that casual-chic boat look! I just found these Sperry's in coral, and I must say they are on my "To Buy" list for this spring season! 

All of these shoes featured can be found on Piperlime: 
P.S. They also have great clothing! 
P.S.S. Rachel Zoe contributes to this site with her "picks!" So neat to see what she likes, because we all know she has fabulous fashion sense! 

If you are one of the few brave, confident, and strong women who wear heels during your school day, here are some a-mazing wedges! Taking the classic oxford look and adding some great height! 
I'm loving this infinity scarf! The finges are so hippie-chic! These are perfect accessories to your outfit! 
Both the wedges and the scarf are from, LuLu*s. They always have great shoes and clothing!  

Finally, here are some other great websites with fabulous clothing and shoes at affordable prices!
P.S. They have a great deal for teachers! 15% off full priced clothing, teacher appreciation nights, and more! Sign up online here.