Saturday, February 11, 2012

Best {Lessons} on the World Wide Web

I don't know about you, but I am obsessed with searching others' websites for ideas, strategies, and most of all--lessons! It is amazing to see what people think of, and how they execute different/difficult subjects! Here are some of my favorite websites that really help me to plan my lessons.
Remember: Differentiation is key in a classroom, so please make sure to make read over, tweak, and execute the lessons that is best for your classroom! I cringe to think that people just print off lessons and try to do them, without thinking about their own classroom! I know everyone reading this is top-notch so I am not worried about this crowd :)

Happy Lesson Planning!
{Ms. S}

One of the cutest activities that I have seen popped up on my pinterest page (you can follow me on my webpage)! I obviously followed the picture, and found this great blog: Swamp Frog First Graders! First of all, creating a year round "name" for her class is adorable and fun for the kids! This activity, contraction surgery is freakin' adorbs! Check it out!

Lesson Plan SOS has great ideas: everything from 'constitution day' to 'back to school' activities!
This post about 'Parents Night' is so inspiring and has great ideas! How cute to ask for them to donate supplies, instead of pressuring families that may not have the resources to buy supplies!

Miss Third Grade has a great blog all about her 3rd grade classroom. She is a young teacher, and very creative! Her ideas are to-the-point, and she gives great printables! Here is a great post about fractions.

Here is a website that has me in complete awe. Pete's PowerPoint Station has every subject you would ever need! He gives you teacher PowerPoints, kids activities, and lesson plans...WOW! What a lifesaver!

Have you ever thought, "these kids need to get outside and move!"? Well, PE Central is a great website that has physical education lesson plans! I found this website really helpful when I had to make lessons for undergrad Kinesiology class! There are also great lessons on "body awareness" and "integration" that will be perfect to incorporate into your class lessons! 
(Here is a lesson that really stuck out to me--Who doesn't love Dr. Suess!?) 

Another site that has adorable activities is Miss Kindergarten! She always has multiple-step activities, which is very helpful! I love this gingerbread activity, because it incorporates math, a picurebook, her smart-board, their own drawing and writing! Not to mention, such cute lesson! This is a definite must-check out!